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Coming Soon: Dancing Groot From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

According to IGN, Marvel Comics and Funko will be releasing a dancing Groot figure, which every single person that saw Guardians of the Galaxy will obviously get, right? RIGHT? “I am Groot” may not have reached the frequency of hearing “Hodor” from Game of Thrones, an annoyance or moment filled with glee depending upon your point of view, but it certainly will be a cult quote at the very least.

In what is surely one of the highlights of the film, a miniature Groot is dancing in the presence of Drax the Destroyer, who is oblivious to the moving and grooving of Groot to The Jackson 5’s, “I Want You Back.” Relive the magical moment below.


And if you want to hear the whole song and check a young Michael Jackson doing his thing, well… you’re welcome.


I personally cannot wait to purchase a Dancing Groot for my cubicle at work while I sharpen my knives. Boy, it will really make me look a little less crazy, won’t it?

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