Although many skaters would love summer to last all year, for some parts of the world, winter weather is on the horizon. To help cope with the changing elements, the Nike SB Flash Pack gives dedicated skaters the tools to overcome the cold, dark and damp conditions that often accompany the holiday season.

With school back in session, temperatures dropping and daylight hours diminishing, skate sessions will be relegated to darker hours. The Nike SB Flash Pack updates some of the brand’s finest skate shoes — the Nike SB Lunar Janoski Mid, the Koston 1 Mid and the P-ROD 8 — with Nike Shield technology featuring retro-reflective attributes that increases visibility and renders darkness utterly powerless. Also included in the pack is the Nike SB Steele Light Weight Jacket that features reflective cuffs and shields the wearer from all forms of precipitation.

Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Jacket_Secondary_ZipperPull_33390 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Athlete_Hero_33369 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Athlete_Secondary_A_33370 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Athlete_Secondary_B_33371 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Jacket_Hero_33386 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Jacket_Secondary_Cuff_33389 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Koston_Butterfly_33397 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Janoski_Butterfly_33393 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Janoski_Details_Heel_33394 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Janoski_Details_LeftLat_33392 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Janoski_Details_Outsole_33395 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Janoski_Details_Tongue_33396 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_PROD_Details_Tongue_33406 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Koston_Details_LeftLat_33399 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Koston_Details_Outsole_33400 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_Koston_Details_Tongue_33401 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_PROD_Butterfly_33403 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_PROD_Details_Heel_33404 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_PROD_Details_LeftLat_33405 Nike_SB_HO14_FlashPack_PROD_Details_Outsole_33407


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