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BMF Hoops Debut: Reebok Classic Shaq Attaq IV ‘Brick City’

Courtesy of Reebok

Long before Shaquille O’Neal was a member of the NBA championship winning Lakers, or even the Orlando Magic, he was a part of an even greater team – the Newark Boys and Girls Club.

Paying homage to the big man’s roots in “Brick City”, Reebok Classic will release limited pairs of the grey/black/california blue Shaq Attaq IV on Friday, November 7th for $140 at select retailers Eblens, Shoe City and

SHAQ ATTAQ  Brick City_Pair-on-white_LOOSE SHAQ ATTAQ  Brick City_Pair-on-white_TIGHT SHAQ ATTAQ  Brick City_Profile-on-black_LOOSE SHAQ ATTAQ  Brick City_Profile-on-white_LOOSE SHAQ ATTAQ Brick City BEAUTY_1 SHAQ ATTAQ Brick City_Profile-on-black_TIGHT SHAQ ATTAQ Brick City_Profile-on-white_TIGHT Shaq Attaq IV - Brick City - M41974 SHAQ ATTAQ  Brick City BEAUTY_4 SHAQ ATTAQ  Brick City_Pair-on-black_LOOSE SHAQ ATTAQ  Brick City_Pair-on-black_TIGHT


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