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The Trailer for the New Season of ‘The Comeback’ Is Here

The trailer for the new season of The Comeback is here! Watch below:


Season 2 of The Comeback will premiere on HBO on November 9, 2014.

As the trailer shows, many favorites from the show are returning: Lance Barber as Paulie G., Robert Michael Morris as Mickey, Laura Silverman as Jane, Damian Young as Mark Berman. and Malin Akerman as Juna Millken.

The new season will be about the making of an HBO series based on Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) and her relationship with Paulie G., who will be played by Seth Rogen in the show-within-the-show. Adding the meta layer might come off as winking or trying too hard to be clever on a different show, but the first season of The Comeback gives viewers every reason to be optimistic.

One of the things that makes the series brilliant is that while it’s an inside look at TV with plenty of specific references and commentary, at its core it’s a very human story that focuses on Valerie Cherish’s most relatable experiences: feeling left out, having trouble connecting to her step-daughter, feeling like she’s always the  butt of the joke.

With the new season on the horizon, this is an excellent time for anyone who hasn’t seen the first season to binge watch it on HBO GO. At only 13 half-hour episodes, it’s one of the easiest binge watches to do and the show is truly excellent.

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