BMF Exclusive: SUPRA Laser-Etched Pack

Photography & words by Sandy Dover

The SUPRA Skytop IV and SUPRA Pistol are not strangers to the Baller Mind Frame Style portal, but they’re back in a whole new way — as part of the SUPRA Laser-Etched Pack, the Skytop IV and the Pistol return with said etching of the upper and with pony hair. Mind blown a little? SUPRA goes into it with their detail.

Both shoes feature a lavish geometric pattern of diamonds and chevrons created by lasers etching finely detailed lines into the materials. The lines add shading and definition to the pattern while also creating a distinctive, three-dimensional effect. The Pistol rests atop a traditional, white vulcanized sole while the Skytop IV is couched upon a tonal black SUPRAFOAM sole with a ridged heel accent and unique sidewall line.

See the exclusive photos you can see only here at BMF, courtesy of Senior Editor Sandy Dover. Find the Laser-Etched Pack at IMG_20141105_161254 IMG_20141105_161345 IMG_20141105_161355 IMG_20141104_144109 IMG_20141104_144125 IMG_20141104_144017 IMG_20141104_144057 IMG_20141104_143006 IMG_20141104_143028 IMG_20141104_143040 IMG_20141104_143051 IMG_20141104_143110 IMG_20141104_143125 IMG_20141104_143220 IMG_20141104_143227 IMG_20141104_143333 IMG_20141104_143356IMG_20141104_144654 IMG_20141104_144246 IMG_20141104_144259 IMG_20141104_144311 IMG_20141104_144333 IMG_20141104_144358 IMG_20141104_144432 IMG_20141104_144444 IMG_20141104_144501 IMG_20141104_144508 IMG_20141104_144519 IMG_20141104_144533 IMG_20141104_144542 IMG_20141104_144547 IMG_20141104_144623 IMG_20141104_144630 IMG_20141104_144637 IMG_20141104_144642 IMG_20141104_144648 >>> BMF Style: The Baller Mind Frame is more than the ball – it’s the lifestyle that surrounds the ball. BMF Style brings you the best styles in sportswear, fashion apparel, and accessories for when you’re away from the venue of play, whether you’re checking for new gear or for your favorite athletes’ pieces outside of the locker room.

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