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BMF Style Exclusive: SUPRA Crown Coalition Pistol

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It’s OK to be simple. Simple isn’t as pedestrian and plebeian as it’s sometimes made out to be. Sometimes, a lot of times, the things that we need, the things that we want, are simple. And if we’re lucky, we find something that fulfills our needs and our wants, and is cut-and-dry as basic as possible. Those are usual the greatest things in the world.

That’s essentially what the SUPRA Pistol is. Here’s how SUPRA describes its special edition version of the model, the Crown Coalition Pistol (pictured):


A classic low-rise skate shoe, the Pistol features a straightforward design of clean lines and simple materials. Strategically placed suede and twill maximize durability and ventilation while the vulcanized sole ensures superior grip, flick, and board feel. The Pistol’s short silhouette and narrow eye stay allow for maximum agility without added bulk.

The shoe’s body is an expanse of khaki twill and suede accented by a splash of red and gold atop a red vulcanized sole. Custom Crown Coalition insignia in red appears on the heel, tongue, and sock liner while padded red mesh ensures interior comfort and style.

As part of the Crown Coalition, this limited edition Pistol will be available only at Crown Coalition skate shops, a federation of 250 select core shops worldwide that are bolstering skateboarding at a local level. The limited edition Pistol is the first of four limited edition drops exclusively for the Crown Coalition this year.

Basically, it’s a throwback. Other than the premium styling of the Crown Coalition model, the Pistol is no-frills and is a shoe that is about covering the bases, and it does that best.

The SUPRA Crown Coalition Pistol takes the ordinary model and dresses it up a bit, retaining its classic look and fit, but outfitting the shoe is a buttery-soft suede and canvas body that could easily fit on a red carpet that matches its own red sole. The gold accents on the eyelets give it a little glamour, and the Crown Coalition crests on the heel and the tongue give the Pistol a sense of entitlement without making the shoe appear haughty in appearance.


Sure, the Pistol could’ve used a little bit of ‘umph’ and bounce in the cushioning. The usual SUPRAFOAM is absent here and a comfort upgrade under the foot would be even more cushy – but you know what? That nice red insole is removable, and if you feel the need to swap sockliners from one of your other SUPRA sneakers or orthotics, the only person stopping you is you.

In all, the Pistol is a great shoe to be active in if you want to skate, it’s great if you want something easy and unpretentious, and it’s great if you want to class up an outfit casually without having to bust out a hard leather dress shoe.

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Photography: Sandy Dover Creative for Baller Mind Frame | COMPLEX Media

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