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BMF Debut: adidas Barricade 2015

Courtesy of adidas

adidas unveils the new Barricade 2015 tennis shoe – the latest model in the Barricade footwear line. The newest Barricade features the most design updates since the shoe’s inception 15 years ago. It’s lighter, more flexible and available in an all-new eye-catching colorway.

Designed for the extreme playing style of top athletes, the Barricade 2015 provides players with unbeatable stability and durability. The shoe features an innovative Barricade chassis, which replaces the old Barricade Claw. The stabilizing chassis has been repositioned towards the heel, freeing up the forefoot and giving the shoe much greater flexibility. The Barricade 2015 is also the first to feature a synthetic-mesh toe shell for maximum breathability.

“Analyzing our player’s on-court performance was an essential part of the design process. Our athletes put their skills to the test every match and we needed to do the same ourselves,” said Thomas Weege, Vice President for Heartbeat Sports Design. “By redesigning some core elements of the shoe, we have managed to create a design that is a real departure from previous Barricade designs, while still retaining the core qualities of absolute stability and durability.”

The Barricade 2015 will be available in January 2015 for $140 on and select tennis specialty retailers.

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