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Would Someone Please: NFL Playoffs Edition

Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr.

Would someone please remind the Green Bay Packers that the Dallas Cowboys haven’t lost a game on the road this year? It’s not like the Packers were taking the week off and having a vacation in Mexico, I’m sure they were doing their homework on the Cowboys (since they had faced the Detroit Lions twice, and one of those times was just a week ago). The Packers have a defensive front that resembles a trip wire more than a wall. It’s meant to slow an offense down, not stop it all together. Dallas brings the best running back in the league with them to Lambeau Field. No need to remind Dallas that the Packers haven’t lost at home this year, this team has been in “lose and go home” mode since December started.

Would someone please tell Tom Brady that he’s human?! I get the fact that you look like a model, have a super model wife, have more Super Bowl wins than any other active quarterback and can seemingly do no wrong, but you’ve lost to the Baltimore Ravens before in the NFL playoffs. You are at home, you have arguably the best coach in the game, and you’ve had a week off, but you’re still capable of making mistakes (and so are your receivers). I’m not trying to plant the seed of doubt, I’m trying to remind you that the seed was there all along.

Would someone please tell the Denver Broncos that they will not win the Super Bowl this year? Peyton Manning needed that bye week more than he needs another product he can hock (fun fact, Peyton used the week off to record enough commercials to fill all the Super Bowl time slots). Putting that aside, Manning is still falling apart in his autumn years, plays like garbage in cold weather (why did he pick Denver again?), and the Indianapolis Colts seem like they are in better shape to escape with the victory this weekend after they dismantled the Cincinnati Bengals. Even if the Broncos do manage to beat the Colts, then the Ravens or New England Patriots have more than enough horsepower to derail the Broncos the following week. It’s not going to happen, Denver, but enjoy the ride.

Would someone please tell the Seattle Seahawks that the Carolina Panthers are better than the 7-8-1 record they sport? On paper this shouldn’t even be a contest. A team that is ranked first in the conference against a team that wouldn’t have even made the playoffs if not for being division winners. In reality the Panthers have a very good defense, a solid run game, and nothing to lose. I haven’t seen it from the Panthers all season, but what is to stop them from using onside kicks, flea flickers, double reverses, and maybe a wildcat formation at times? The Panthers have no business being in this game, Seattle needs to make it their business to prove that on Saturday.

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