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Would Someone Please: NFL Playoffs Part 2

Image courtesy of Erik Daniel Drost/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Erik Daniel Drost/Flickr.

Would someone please find a way to weatherproof Andrew Luck? Much like Peyton Manning, Luck has struggled in colder weather at times. This may stem from playing his college games on the West Coast and currently calls a domed stadium home. I can promise you that on Sunday New England is going to be colder than your ex-girlfriend when she sees you out on the town with someone younger and hotter. The balance of the team seems to handle the inclement weather about as well as you could hope for, and as long as Luck keeps it together, the Indianapolis Colts have a chance.

Would someone please tell Bill Belichick that his trick plays were equal parts brilliant and beautiful? I dislike the New England Patriots. I dislike Bill Belichick. I dislike Tom Brady, Robert Kraft (though I didn’t let him know that when I met him), Rob Gronkowski, and the entire organization. With that said, I can respect and admire the way the team finds ways to win despite never seeming to hit on a draft pick (Gronkowski excluded) and all their top players leaving to go and get more money elsewhere. This team never seems to miss a beat. Twice last week the Baltimore Ravens were up by 14 points, and twice the Patriots came back to tie it. Trick plays or not, that is impressive. It’s more impressive when you consider the strength of the team they were playing against is their defense. Call me crazy, but I believe that was truly one of the greatest comebacks of all-time in the NFL post-season.

Would someone please get Aaron Rodgers healthy? The leg looked suspect against the Dallas Cowboys and the second coming of the “No Name Defense”, but if Rodgers is moving like that this week against the Seattle Seahawks, he’s liable to get folded in half like a lawn chair. Dallas had an adequate defense this year, but with no true pass rushers and a weak secondary Rodgers rarely had to do anything extraordinary to make plays. Seattle comes in with the best defense in the league, sporting all-pro talent on all three levels. The Green Bay Packers have to run the ball successfully to keep the defense honest and keep the pressure off Rodgers. That, or Aaron needs to undergo surgery to replace his legs with bionic ones. “We can fix him, we have the technology.”

Would someone please tell the Seattle Seahawks that they had better shake the rust off from two consecutive bi-weeks? It’s not that the Carolina Panthers were a bad team. In reality they were a horrible team in a worse division and got handed the gift of a lifetime, by being allowed to host a team that finished with five more wins than they did. Not only did they get to host that far superior team, but they got to host them when they started their third-string quarterback. Seattle reaped the rewards of all that while basically playing a tune up game. The Packers are not going to be nearly as easy to handle, particularly on offense. With that said, Seattle has all the tools to win this game.

Would someone please contact Jim Mora for entertainment purposes? For those of you that haven’t seen the rant from Jim Mora regarding a reporter questioning his team’s chances in the playoffs, please see below. Part of me wishes a network would find some way to auto-tune and remix the remarks and open up their game coverage with the song. That, or at least have it playing in the background at some point during the games. Jim, please give us another soundbite.


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