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Nike Dunk Celebrates 30th Anniversary with NikeLab ‘Lux’ Design

First of all, who doesn’t love a pair of Nike Dunks? No matter if it’s the low, mid, or high version. SBs or regular ones. There is no other pair that looks good in every of its versions. There are so many varieties of styles of Nike Dunks that it’s hard to find a more versatile pair of sneakers.

This year, on its 30th anniversary the Nike Dunk gets a rejuvenated make over through the NikeLab. The NikeLab Dunk High Lux comes with a more contemporary, sleeker silhouette. The difference is most notable by taking a look at the bottom and the collar parts of the shoe. Besides the changes in the shape, it comes with a Lunarlon sole and a memory foam collar that add more comfort to it. Other than on the Nike Lunar Force 1, for example, the Lunarlon sole isn’t visible on this shoe.

The material used on the upper is full-grain leather, and the inner lining has a quilted stitch design, which is a dope detail.

The shoe comes in all-white and in black with a white midsole.

I’m in love.

NikeLab_Dunk_Lux_High_3_37752 NikeLab_Dunk_Lux_High_1_37750 NikeLab_Dunk_Lux_High_Black_3_37755 NikeLab_Dunk_Lux_High_Black_1_37753 NikeLab_Dunk_Lux_High_Black_2_37754 NikeLab_Dunk_Lux_White_3_37839 NikeLab_Dunk_Lux_White_1_37837 NikeLab_Dunk_Lux_White_2_37838

Photos courtesy of Nike

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