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Hakim Emmanuel Bowls 36 Strikes in a Row

I have never been one to look at Bowling as a sport.

Don’t get me wrong, the game requires skill, I have just always been one to baffle at the rare combinations of skill and luck that comes along with those freak instances of greatness, particularly for the common guy.

So when Hakim Emmanuel bowled 36 strikes in a row (that is three consecutive perfect 300 games), I did take notice. Emmanuel is a league bowler from Massachusetts who, when verified by the United States Bowling Congress, will be just the 27th person in USBC history with an approved 900.

This reminds me of Homer’s perfect game episode from The Simpsons.

I just hope this guy enjoys his 15 minutes and doesn’t try to extend it with insane random walk-ons. “Did somebody say perfect game?!”

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