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Marshawn Lynch: I’m Just Here for the Money?

Image courtesy of Matt McGee/Flickr

Image courtesy of Matt McGee/Flickr

Marshawn Lynch is officially a true entrepreneur in the mold of Donald Trump.

No, Lynch isn’t trying to build multi-million dollar high-rises or turn his hair into a walking joke, he is seeking to trademark a phrase.

The US Patent Office has received a trademark request from Mr. Lynch for, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined”. Regardless of how the patent request goes, expect to see this phrase on a multitude of apparel from Lynch’s Beast Mode clothing line.

“This is just listening to the marketplace.” said Chris Bevans, who operates the clothing line for Lynch. The release of the new slogan on the company website will likely be in March, along with the release of the brands’ new shoe line.

No word yet on if Lynch is going to sign a new contract with the Seattle Seahawks, or even return to the NFL next season, but if he does I have a new catch phrase, “I’m just here to collect a paycheck”.

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