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Jordan Brand Extends Outside of Hoops with Flight Runner 2

Jordan Brand is extending its line of non-basketball shoes and releases another runner — the Jordan Flight Runner 2. Nothing too wild, it’s a runner for everyone who relies on Jordan during non-basketball sports activity. The colorways are nice, and the shoe’s design makes it possible to wear the shoes throughout the day without looking like you left the track while running errands.

The shoe has Flywire technology, which makes it stable and light through the upper, but I can’t tell too much about the sole’s feel; I’m sure that it’ll remind of an evolved Nike waffle sole. While running, you’ll definitely have a lightweight shoe that has the natural shape of your foot and a very flexible sole, both of which are in vogue today in running and training. The Flight Runner 2 has all that.

All in all, I’m sure that everyone who has had jogged or worked out in Nike runners will find a similar product in the Flight Runner 2 and be satisfied. Lastly? Another positive aspect is definitely the prjce point — at $120, the Flight Runner 2 is still not cheap, but it retails for less than a Nike Flyknit shoe, for example, but will probably perform similarly, so you’re getting some additional value.

Jordan_Flight_Runner_2_12_36987 Jordan_Flight_Runner_2_14_36996 Jordan_Flight_Runner_2_16_37012 Jordan_Flight_Runner_2_17_37013 Flight_Runner_2_2_36881 Flight_Runner_2_5_36873 Flight_Runner_2_8_36871 Flight_Runner_2_13_36883 Flight_Runner_2_16_36886 Flight_Runner_2_18_37104 ILL_3126_36891

Photos courtesy of Nike

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