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Charlotte Hornets Player Takes Homeless Man To Dinner

Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr.

Knowing that professional athletes make millions and millions of dollars for playing a sport that most would play for free, we forget that they are humans just like everybody else. Your ability to hit a baseball, dunk a basketball, or pass a football does not mean that you are totally oblivious to the plight of others.

Charlotte Hornets forward Bismack Biyombo didn’t forget that.

Inactive for the Hornets win over the Bulls in Chicago this past week thanks to an knee injury, Biyombo decided to be a tourist for a while.

It was when he hit the streets of Chicago where the native of the Congo asked a homeless man if he wanted to have dinner with him. The man felt he wasn’t dressed well enough to join him in the restaurant so he took the man on a shopping trip at the mall.

“The amazing thing is that I had a great [dinner] and great time and some great conversation and what we did after is between God of this universe and I,” Biyombo wrote on an Instagram post.

Still, he says officers stopped the two before going into the restaurant to make sure the homeless man was with Biyombo.

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