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Albert Haynesworth has Free-Agent Advice for Ndamukong Suh

Image courtesy of Mike Morbeck/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Mike Morbeck/Flickr.

Ndamukong Suh is the biggest name on the NFL free-agent market. The massive defensive tackle will likely break the bank when he signs his new contract. The biggest question is who he will sign with?

Someone who’s been in his shoes before has a little advice for Suh on how to handle free agency.

Albert Haynesworth was the biggest free agent when he was still in the league and knew he would command a contract worth $100 million no matter where he signed.

He bypassed signing with the Tennessee Titans, the team that made him a star and instead inked a deal with the Washington Redskins.

Haynesworth never lived up to his contract and eventually bounced from team to team until he was finally out of the league.

Speaking with Greg Pogue and Big Joe of ESPN Nashiville, Haynesworth advice was simple

“Also, you need to kind of look at the track record of the coach, see if he’s going to stay, talk to some former players, just to get the inside scoop about it, and make sure that they’re playing the exact same defense as Detroit.”

Washington promised Haynesworth they would to run  4-3 scheme and changed it to a 3-4 when he got to Washington.

Money is not the only thing that should come in to play when a free agent is choosing his next playing destination.


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