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Adrian Peterson Meets With Vikings’ Coach and GM

Image courtesy of Joe Bielawa/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Joe Bielawa/Flickr.

Adrian Peterson concluded a four-hour meeting with Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman in his Texas home.

“I appreciate Rick [Spielman] and Coach [Mike] Zimmer coming down to see me today. We had a great dialogue and they were able to understand where I was coming from and concerns my family and I still have. We respect each other and hopefully the situation can pan out so that everyone involved is content,”

Peterson did not care to elaborate on details of the discussion, nor if there was any definitive outcome. Speculation is still swirling if the Vikings will trade or keep Peterson, and if he is kept what his new salary could be.

The 30-year-old is coming off a 15-game absence as a result of charges filed against him in Texas for physical punishment he levied against his four year old son. Peterson pled no contest to charges in 2014, and currently has been allowed back into the league as a result of a suspension appeal. Very few teams (including the Vikings) would care to accept his current $12.75 million dollar salary, so a restructure is likely in the cards if he stays in Minnesota, or if he is traded. Peterson’s agent categorically stated that his client would never play for the Vikings again. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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