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Opinion: ‘Wheat’ not for Nike LeBron XII EXT

I can’t.

The only shoes that should have that “Wheat” colorway are boots. I appreciate the attempt to put that style on sneakers, but I can’t say that it works. It didn’t work on the recently released Air Foamposite and doesn’t work on the Nike LeBron 12, either. It just makes the shoe look like a desert version, but not like a decent one. I could understand doing a Nike LeBron XII EXT by adding some beige spots, but why the whole shoe? Even the Hyperposite parts look are beige now. Everything is beige. It’s like a Timberland boot and a LeBron had a baby. An ugly baby.

image (36) image (38)

The details are golden, which doesn’t make any of it better. And what is that tone in tone design supposed to be? The LeBron 12 is a shoe with a very structured upper, do something with it. Use different materials or different brown shades. Or Shades of Grey. Just a joke, which would still make the shoe look better than a whole chunk of mud. I wished the design of this would have been a little more creative and the designers would have worked with subtle elements to underline the upper’s detailing in order to create dimension.

(Ed.’s note: Piera doesn’t like LeBrons in Wheat, LOL. I’ll take a wild guess and say she doesn’t like many, if any, of the LeBron signature series in Wheat — that’s a decade worth of Wheat-hued LeBron faux-Timberland boots.)

image (41) image (39) image (40)

Photos courtesy of Nike

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