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The Drama Continues for Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Beall/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Beall/Flickr.

If nothing else, the Philadelphia Eagles’ offseason has been full of drama, and you can thank Chip Kelly for that (if you like drama).

It started with star running back traded for a guy who didn’t play last year. Then a star quarterback was traded for a QB that didn’t play much in the last four years.

And it continued with the free-agent signing of the top running back in the league last year, and then another guy who’s making the backfield one of the most expensive in the entire NFL.

Followed by a wide receiver who was allowed to walk, leaving few options for whoever is throwing the ball.

Speaking of throwing the ball, the team also re-signed a veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez for no small chunk of change, and brought in Tim Tebow.

If you believe the depth chart, Sam Bradford is supposed to be your starter, assuming he’s not injured.

Fun fact: Sanchez and Tebow have more playoff wins than Bradford individually, and Tebow has started a grand total of two playoff games.

Sorry, back to the drama. Mark Sanchez recently told CSN Philadelphia “we needed another guy to throw while Sam’s (Bradford) still recovering. So that’s the reason (for the signing), at least as explained to me”. Basically Tebow is here until Bradford gets better. Now call me crazy, but that doesn’t entirely add up, especially with how much Kelly invested in running backs.

Many have assumed that Tebow is there for dual duty, as a quarterback and a running back. There is thought that Chip may even run some sort of wildcat style offense with Tebow under center. Allowing for equal opportunity to run or pass.

Either way, the soap opera that is the Eagles continues to get more dramatic as we approach the draft, and that may likely be the boiling point.

I am really tired of the whole thing.

Someone please call me when Chip Kelly is a coma and  pregnant with the baby of Mark Sanchez’s evil twin who is secretly married to Tim Tebow, who only recently found out that he is the long lost brother of Sam Bradford, who’s cheating on DeMarco Murray with Ryan Mathews. Then I’ll be interested again.

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