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Live From The Couch: Patty Meals


BMF Contributor, Brandon Allen Harrison, and Jonathan ‘JC’ Collins bring you the most unabashedly biased basketball talk live from the couch in Los Angeles, California.

The Rundown

00:35: Hawks vs Wizards: Atlanta Just Isn’t That Good

7:18: Game 7 Recap: Blake Griffin and CP3’s dominance

13:00: Will Doc Rivers Ever Stop Whining?

19:13: The Greatest Spur: Boris Diaw

24:07: Warriors vs. Grizzlies: Hope for Memphis?

29:43: Bulls vs Cavs: Will Pau Gasol Disappoint?

34:39: James Harden: The Real MVP

38:14: Mayweather/Pacquiao: Jamie Foxx, Charles Barkley and Being Honest With Yourself.

48:28: Wingman For A Day: NBA’s Best Partiers

53:48: Clippers vs Rockers: Is Los Angeles Destined To Advance?

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