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Community Review: 6.10: Basic RV Repair and Palmistry

This week’s Community was a fun episode that centered on Abed. Despite the fact that it plays with the conventions of flashbacks a bit, it’s not an especially clever episode. But, it had some good jokes and, consistent with my general feelings about season 6, it does a good job writing the group dynamic with the characters. Like last week’s episode, there was a big group hug at the end. I’m enjoying the deep group love shown in this season. This episode also gave us more of Elroy than we’ve seen in other episodes, which ended up definitely being a good thing.

“Basic RV Repair and Palmistry” took the group out of the Greendale setting to give us a road trip episode. They’re in the bizarre situation of driving to someone’s home to sell them a large plaster hand that the Dean impulse bought. They end up running out of both gas and batteries and having to stay stuck in the middle of the highway together for the night. After they all turn on the Dean (who doesn’t apologize for thinking that buying a giant plaster hand was a good idea), he locks himself in the RV without them, leaving them to freeze. The only person the Dean trusts is Abed, who he actually connected with. (“Abed’s the only human among you an I think we all know how ironic that is, no offense Abed” and Abed replying, “None possible”). But, for Abed to save the day they have to get him to stop obsessing about how this episode should’ve been properly set up through flashbacks.

This episode didn’t add much to Abed’s character. We’ve pretty much seen all of this before. But, it was still a nice little episode with quality character moments. I enjoyed a lot of the little things in the episode, like Britta saying, “We got Britta’d. Yes, I use it too.”

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