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iZombie Review: 1.12: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat

This week was the last iZombie episode before the finale and it set the stakes high. Blaine has Major tied up in the back of his butcher shop and Liv’s little brother Evan has applied to work for Blaine, giving him even more potential leverage over her.

Meanwhile, Liv went into full-zombie mode and killed a zombie right in front of Peyton, outing her in a major way. Liv sadly told Ravi, “She looked at me like I was a…She got out of here as fast as she could.”

Another heartbreaking moment in the episode came when the new zombie rat Ravi has made, who he’d named Hope, died. For Liv, this meant any chance at finding a cure for zombie-ism any time soon is dead.

The case of the week plot had Liv, Clive and Ravi working on solving the murder of Kimber, a high school cheerleader. Watching Liv under the influence of cheerleader brains was a lot of fun. Early in the episode, she mentions that she’s not sure if that’s the best thing for her to be eating when she needs her mind sharp. Ravi tells her that’s judgmental and the cheerleader could be very intelligent, cementing Ravi’s position as my favorite character. And, in fact, although she was peppy in a way that made her seem almost ditzy on the surface, she did actually gain a helpful ability to interact with people and get them to open up. The cheerleader’s killer was the zombie Sebastian, a zombie who Liv made. She discovers this after eating the brains of Nate, a second victim who had a very different influence on her personality, making her laidback and sarcastic. The case also brought in guest star Bex Taylor-Klaus (Sin from Arrow), who was great in this episode as a punk girl who had witnessed Kimber’s murder.

It was another solid episode that ramped up the tension, making me very excited for the finale next week.

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