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MLB No Longer a Man’s World

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Since its inception no woman has ever played in Major League Baseball. While one small occurrence hasn’t changed this fact it has opened the doors for the first female baseball player in history. On July 21st Melissa Mayeux was added to the MLB’s international registration list.

This means that she is eligible to be signed by an MLB team on July 2nd. Mayeux is 16-years-old and hails from France, and has made her mark as a shortstop on the French U-18 team. Every year players from all over the world are added to the registration list, and those players that are added are those who are expected to be signed at some point. While the odds of Mayeux being signed are slim to none, I feel like this marks an important turning point for the world of MLB.

Should Mayeux go unsigned she is eligible to play in the NCAA. Until then she hopes to continue to play baseball in France. Times are a changin and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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