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Chelsea FC, Street Etiquette do The Big Apple in ‘Blues in Boroughs’


Sometimes, it’s not about where you are in the world, it’s about what in the world you care about. As you’ll see, dominant European soccer football club Chelsea FC and adidas took to seeing who in the wide world of New York City supports the team known affectionately as “the Blues” in the portrait series, “Blues in Boroughs” with Street Etiquette.

See the people and their stories here, courtesy of our friends at adidas.

As Chelsea Football Club wrapped up its North American tour, the team joined forces with Where is Football and New York city creative agency Street Etiquette to truly show how if something isn’t blue, it will be in celebration of its recent kit launch. Thousands of New Yorkers wake up every weekend during the season ready to support the Blues, and Chelsea FC wanted to give back to its fans in the city with a never-before-seen photo series called “Blues in Boroughs.” Chelsea took pictures of its biggest supporters while in the U.S. in order to tell their stories and spread the love for the team that has washed over The Big Apple.

CFC_Commute-8182CFC_Commute-8007 CFC_Courts-9278 CFC_Courts-9389 CFC_Courts-9749 CFC_Cycle-3414 CFC_Cycle-3450 CFC_Cycle-3524 CFC_Moto-8772 CFC_Moto-8840 CFC_Moto-8914 CFC_Runner-9184 CFC_Runner-9232 CFC_Runner-9265 CFC_Wallst-7308 CFC_Wallst-7863 CFC_Wallst-7985

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