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Nike Hyperdunk 2015 has promise of ‘loyal little helper’


The Nike Hyperdunk, as a series, is the perfect all-round shoe. It doesn’t matter what position you play, you could always ball in a Hyperdunk and it will serve you like a loyal little helper. Like that Harry Potter thing, Dobby. Anyways, the latest Hyperdunk — officially the Nike Hyperdunk 2015 — does look a little odd, style-wise, but does totally make sense when it comes to functionality! Leo Chang, who also designs the Nike KD signature shoes, is one of the best when it comes to integrating functional features into performance shoes. It feels like he always thinks one step further than the others. One of the typical Nike Hyperdunk attributes is that it’s a mid-cut shoe with the feel of a low-top without resigning on stability. The Flywire delivers extra support, but also flexibility.

Leo Chang

Leo Chang

I’m all about Hyperdunks. They have a great cushioning and give stability and responsiveness without being heavy. They allow movements but keep the foot locked in place. I don’t know what you look for in a basketball performance shoe, but it all sounds great to me. I mean, Dirk Nowitki used to play in Hyperdunks (Ed’s note: He still does actually.). Do you actually doubt Dirk’s talent? DO YOU?

Then you probably shouldn’t doubt the Hyperdunk, either.

Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-600_F_246_42970 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-600_A_126_42974 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-600_B_208_42972 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-600_D_477_42973 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-600_E_320_42975 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-600_Profile1_42976 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-100_G_42967 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-100_A_42965 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-100_B_42968 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-100_D_42963 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-100_E_42966 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-100_F_42964 Fa15_BB_HD15_749561-100_Pro_V3_42969 Fa15_BB_HD15_PGeorge_Pass_Flow1_42962 Screen_Shot_2015-06-11_at_11.18.20_PM_42977

Photos courtesy of Nike

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