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iZombie Review: 2.7: Abra Cadaver

This week on iZombie, Liv and Blaine teamed up  to stop the zombie murders! Major learned more about Liv’s personality changes. And Ravi and Peyton’s feelings for each other seemed to be re-emerging pretty hard. Plus, Clive and Liv solved the murder of a magician.

The Liv and Blaine team up worked well. It wasn’t jarring because Blaine had his own selfish reasons. He was worried that he’d be the next one killed and also doesn’t like someone killing off his clientele. They had some great dialogue back and forth that made this a very fun episode.

The episode opened with Major and Liv together, discussing the fact that even though they can’t have sex, they can find ways to still feel intimate. Their relationship seems to be on track, even if Major is thrown off by her constant personality changes.

What’s interesting– and a bit troubling– is that Blaine was proactive enough to suggest he and Liv should end the zombie murders when Major hasn’t been. Sure, Major thinks he’s protecting Liv, but at some point should he just be honest with her and see if maybe she could help if only she was in the loop? How will it effect their newly reunited romance when she finds out?

It’s nice seeing Peyton and Ravi actually get scenes together. In season one, their relationship seemed to be nice but we didn’t actually get to see it much. Their immediate chemistry in this episode was fantastic. Peyton was right to rebuff him when he kissed her so soon after a break up, but I’m still rooting for them.

Liv’s turn as a magician was a lot of fun, especially since Clive and Ravi had very different reactions to it. Ravi loves magicians so much and his enthusiasm in this episode was absolutely adorable. Meanwhile, when Liv showboated about knowing how every trick was performed, Clive brushed it off with sarcastic comments about how, yeah, he figured it wasn’t real magic.

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