The Cross/Over With DC & Ryan: MLB Winter Meetings, Taylor Swift, Star Wars, the Warriors, Killy Dwyer & More

On Episode 12 of The Cross/Over: DC and Ryan talk MLB winter meetings, Taylor Swift and copyright law, Star Wars, Batman v. Superman, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, the Final Fantasy 7, remake and some of the best stand-up comedians of all time.
After all that fun, DC sits down with Brooklyn based, theatrical dark-musical-comedian Killy Dwyer to discuss her process, the comedy scene, and trying to create art in the modern world. Be sure to check out her website here.
0:00 – 2:50: Intro

2:50 – 33:15: MLB, Winter Meetings, Baseball vs. Football

33:15 – 44:30 : Taylor Swift lawsuit and trademark law

44:30 – 55:32 : Star Wars, Batman v. Superman, DC ranks Tim Burton’s Batman low

55:32 – 67:00: NBA 2k16, The Golden State Warriors, NBA general talk

67:00 – 70:50 : Final Fantasy 7 remake

70:50 – 75:00 : Top 50 Stand-Up Comedians

75:00 – FIN: Killy Dwyer

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