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Reebok Classic x Mighty Healthy Furylite Chukka made to endure Old Man Winter


One of the greatest assets to have in the winter is a set of great footwear, and great in this context means something comfortable, in warmth, stability, and flexibility. You probably wouldn’t expect it from a converted Reebok running shoe, but the Reebok Classic x Mighty Healthy Furylite Chukka is a sneakerboot made specifically for the harsher elements when you’re trekking through the mundane duties of your day.

See more of the Furylite Chukka here, courtesy of our friends at Reebok.

With the cold winter months in full swing, Reebok Classic and Mighty Healthy have teamed up to inject a dose of athletic luxe style into the Furylite Chukka sneakerboot for a shoe that’s functional yet fashionable.

The eye-catching design detail of the Furylite Chukka contrasts the dark colorway of the upper contrasted against the white and grey speckled midsole and gym outsole. The supportive mid-top also offers extra coverage to protect from the harsh winter conditions while the durable rope laces ensure a secure fit for maximum comfort. Subtle branding on the shoe include both the Reebok logo on the tongue and sole, and Mighty Healthy label embossed on the ankle casing.

This is the second time that Reebok Classic and Mighty Healthy have teamed up for a shoe collaboration. The two brands had previously partnered for a special summer Ventilator release in 2015.

The Reebok Classic x Mighty Healthy Furylite Chukka is available for $100 from, Sneaker Trader, and Extra Butter.

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