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iZombie Review: 2.12: Physician, Heal Thy Selfie

This week’s iZombie suffered from the fact that the brain-of-the-week wasn’t terribly interesting. Liv ate a teenager who was super into social media, which led to some lackluster and tired jokes about kids these days. Admittedly, I did enjoy Clive acting like a grumpy father the whole time and even suggesting that Liv isn’t having psychic visions because she’s on her phone too much.

What was interesting about this episode was how much it moved the main plot forward. There’s a lot that I’ll be interested to see play out. In particular, I’m on the edge of my seat about Drake and hoping that Liv isn’t headed for heartbreak.

Clive’s case this week involved victims who’d been decapitated, which meant Liv had to figure out how to be helpful without any visions of the victims. It was a nice chance for her to step up to the plate and fill the hero role even more by working without her powers.

Vaughn Du Clark came very close to figuring Major out, when he realized that the D.A. is a zombie and yet Major let him live. Major insisted that this was the one exception and, at least for now, Vaughn didn’t figure out that he’s actually been freezing zombies.

For all this episode’s intensity, it got in some nice moments between Peyton and Ravi. Ravi decided to help her drown her sorrows every week, even though she can drink him under the table. They’re a charming couple that didn’t get enough screentime the first time they were together. In fact, it’s just great seeing Peyton finally getting more screentime in general.

The promo for next week’s episode says that the war on zombies is full of casualties. Is this just a tease or will there really be a character death next episode?

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