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Model Brittany Hetzer Talks Career Rise, Favorite Ink, & More in PCS Q&A

Model Brittany Hetzer is quickly rising in her profession – and when looking at her body of work, it’s easy to see why. The tattoos might be what first captures your attention, but there’s a quality to her photos that would exist even if the ink wasn’t there. Of course, the tattoos are a huge part of Brittany, which was one of the various topics I asked about during our Q&A.

Pop Culture Spin: Brittany, thank you for joining me on this interview. To start our Q&A, can you talk about why modeling as a line of work was the one for you?
Brittany: It’s pretty wild how I started modeling. I was always told I should do it growing up before I had tattoos. Well, I went to a tattoo convention with my husband for the first time (while we were dating) and I was being approached by so many photographers wanting to work with me while I was there! I was shocked at first. But eventually gave it a try.

PCS: Did you have any initial struggles in becoming a model or did you mostly have instant success when you began pursuing this profession?
Brittany: Luckily I’ve had some doors open for me right out the gate! I’m very fortunate and grateful. Its been only a year since I started and I’ve shot four covers and over 20 publications.

PCS: What would you say are some of the common misconceptions the general public has about models?
Brittany: A huge misconception about modeling is people think “we just get looked at” but they don’t realize all the hard work, preparation and planning that comes with it. Oh and we also get paid! Haha.

PCS: I’d like to transition into some tattoo questions since your body art is pretty amazing. Do you have any personal favorites or ones that stand out more than others as uniquely special?
Brittany: My left sleeve is my favorite. It has a buck for my pops because he loves buck hunting and I grew up in the country. Reminds me of back home. A gnome for my mom because at their lake house she has garden gnomes along the driveway. And lastly, a rose on my hand for my daughter Marki Amarosa “Rose”, who I love more than life itself. Another plus, my husband Rudy tattooed it.

PCS: So for a model with heavy tattoos, what are some of the major magazines that are the dream or ultimate goal outlets to be featured in?
Brittany: I’m working to get some covers this year! I’ve been featured in all of my favorite magazines so now I’m working on the covers!! I was on the cover of Inked Girls. So my next step is to try to make it on the cover of Inked Magazine.

PCS: When audiences look at your portfolio, what’s the response or feeling you hope they have about your work?
Brittany: I hope they’re speechless! That’s a far stretch. But that’s always a great response! Lol.

PCS: Has the overall reaction to your projects been positive or have you dealt with your share of haters?
Brittany: I’ve had a great response! The people I’ve come across have all been so supportive. I’ve had one hater, but I thank her. I like to thank people who show me what not to be like so xoxo to you!!

PCS: I noticed that your husband, Rudy Hetzer IV, is a tattoo artist and the owner of the parlor Dallas Tattoo and Arts. Can you talk about this business and what goals you and your husband have for it moving forward?
Brittany: Yes he does! He is such a hard working and determined person and it shows! His business got an award for Best Business of 2015. Right now we are actually expanding it. Our goal is to continue to move forward, work hard and stay humble!

PCS: Are you at liberty to drop any hints about 2016 projects on the horizon or should your fans just patiently wait and see?
Brittany: I have so many things lined up for 2016! But you all have to wait! I’d rather show you instead of telling you!

PCS: Thank you again for talking about your career and ink with us here at Pop Culture Spin. I’m sure this has given fans a chance to learn things about you they previously didn’t know. In closing, where can anyone interested follow and connect with you online?
Brittany: You guys can follow me on IG @b_squared and I also have a fan page on FB! Brittany Hetzer. Thanks so much!!

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