Ashleigh Hamman Interview – Talking Modeling, Personality, & More

Photographer - Stephen Small / Stylist - Em Hawkins / MUA - Yasmin Schwitzer

Photographer – Stephan Small / Stylist – Em Hawkins / MUA – Yasmin Schwitzer

Ashleigh Hamman’s creativity can be seen throughout multiple areas. From shining as a model to posting YouTube content, Ashleigh stands out as a force in her range of fields. She was nice enough to take out some time to have a feature interview with us here at Hardwood & Hollywood. Once you finish reading our Q&A with Ashleigh below, do not forget to give her a follow across her social media platforms.

H&H: Thank you for taking the time to have an interview with us. To begin, could you tell us where you are based at the moment and what it’s like being a creative professional in that area?
Ashleigh: I am currently based in the Midlands, UK in a tiny little village on the outskirts of Leicestershire. When I say small, I mean small, there’s no public transport and it’s very much an ‘old person’ village, but it’s cute! Expanding creatively in this area is near enough impossible which is why I am constantly back and forth to London and Manchester every week!

H&H: When did the modeling field first capture your attention?
Ashleigh: Modelling was never something I ever thought about pursuing and I have always been extremely shy and super self conscious so the thought didn’t even enter my mind really. I also thought you had to be like 6ft and super super skinny! It wasn’t till Flappers and Gentleman (a cool hair company in Leicester) approached me and asked me to shoot that I got interested in it.

H&H: What are some of your favorite aspects of working in this profession?
Ashleigh: Meeting some amazing people! Every experience I have had so far has been amazing and everybody has been so welcoming. I’ve made some best friends and the networking opportunities have also been a plus.

H&H: Do you find fashion to be an expressive outlet that allows you to show some of your individuality?
Ashleigh: Absolutely! Fashion has really only ever been my consistent source of identity. As I change and my interests change so does my style. Fashion also gives me this new found confidence. I am quite introverted and don’t really like being the centre of attention but for some reason I am able to throw on the craziest of outfits and feel so free and so confident.

Photographer - Wil Reed / Stylist - Jen (sixsix6) - MUA - Laura Jessica / Assistant - Karolina

Photographer – Wil Reed / Stylist – Jen (sixsix6) – MUA – Laura Jessica / Assistant – Karolina

H&H: For readers being introduced to you for the first time, how would you summarize your personality? Also, what stands out about you as unique?
Ashleigh: I would consider myself to be bubbly and also a great listener. Within my friendship group I am always the one that people come to for advice or when they need to talk about something and I love that people feel they can talk to me about anything. I can be really quiet in crowds but when I’m one-to-one with someone it’s likely I won’t shut up.

I don’t know what stands out about me as unique, I suppose I would have to ask those around me! I do know that I don’t follow ‘trends’ and will always remain true to myself to matter what.

H&H: How do you connect with a given photographer to make a shoot truly come alive?
Ashleigh: The photographer and I usually have our own ideas on what we want the shoot to look like so it usually involves a lot of throwing mood boards back and forth until we reach a mutual creative point that we are happy with. Other times a photographer will come to me with a solid idea they have been developing and they want me to model for it as they think I fit well with the mood board. I love that way of doing it too as I get to really bring their dream and imagination to life.

H&H: I’m always curious regarding the stories behind people’s tattoos. Can you talk about some of your favorite ink on your body?
Ashleigh: My most meaningful tattoo is probably the lilies I have on my forearm, these are my nan’s, my mum’s and my favourite flowers so I got them to symbolise our bond and family. The sleeve on my left arm that I am currently in the process of getting is also really important to me as it’s covering up some old scars from a difficult time in my life that I want to move on from and shows how far I have come.

H&H: Be it in your career or simply life in general, where do you draw inspiration from and where do you look for sources of positivity?
Ashleigh: Most of my inspiration and positivity is drawn from those around me. I hold a great deal of importance on surrounding yourself with people who will always bring out the best version of yourself and always support your success. It’s easy to get caught up in jealousy if those around you are succeeding while you may be struggling. I have also got into meditation and reading a lot about Buddhism which has helped with my outlook on life and helped me to see things in a positive light.

Photographer - George Davies

Photographer – George Davies

H&H: During free time when you’re not working, what are you likely to be doing?
Ashleigh: I’ll either by at the gym – but not doing any form of cardio, I hate cardio. Just the odd squat here and there. If I’m not at the gym then I’ll be with my friends having a good old catch up.

H&H: You can be found across multiple platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube to name a few. Do you have a particular favorite or are they all equally important?
Ashleigh: I like all the platforms as they serve different purposes and I let a certain part of personality ‘free’ on each platform that is different from the other. Instagram is probably my favourite though as it’s where I am able to connect with other creatives and photographers the easiest.

H&H: What are your dreams/goals for 2018 and beyond?
Ashleigh: My dream for each year is always to be a better and happier version of myself than I was the previous year, but, if we’re talking in more career terms then I would love to land a big campaign, but we will see as I haven’t been modelling for very long at all!

H&H: Thank you once again for the interview. All of us here at H&H wish you the best in your future. In closing, where can readers connect with you on social media?
Ashleigh: My social media is the same across all platforms! It’s just @AshleighHamman

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