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iZombie Review: 2.14: Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind

This week’s iZombie was mostly a standard episode, until the final moments, which packed in tons of exciting reveals and drama. Perhaps the most heartbreaking was Major Lilywhite coming very close to finally coming clean to Liv Moore, before they were interrupted by Liv’s roommate.

This run-in led to Liv realizing that Gilda is the mysterious Rita. She still doesn’t know how deep the deception goes, but just knowing about Gilda’s seduction of Major was enough for her to punch her and demand that she move out. I’m not sure whether this violent reaction was related to Liv being a zombie, or if she just really was that angry.

The episode also revealed that Drake is an undercover cop trying to get close to Mr. Boss. This is a huge relief since I’ve wanted to believe that Drake won’t be bad for Liv. However, this brought with it its own complications, since the police Drake is working for think that he needs to sever ties with Liv. Fortunately, Drake is willing to fight for Liv and tells the officer that she’s the only good thing in his life. This cop, Detective Lou Benedetto, was played by Veronica Mars‘ Enrico Colantoni. Time for my obligatory mention that if Rob Thomas is incorporating all the usual suspects, I’m still waiting on a Martin Starr appearance.

The case of the week in this episode wasn’t terribly interesting, but it is notable that they let the culprit get away in this one. Liv and Clive Babineaux figured out that Cher orchestrated her mother’s murder, but couldn’t get her partner Gilbert to turn her in. The death itself was also staged in an interesting way in the opening sequence. Because our in to the scene is Ravi Chakrabarti getting his usual morning coffee, you don’t realize that this scene will contain this week’s murder until it happens on-screen. It was well-choreographed to create a nice moment of surprise.

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