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Claribel Laureano Talks Modeling, Fitness, & Upcoming Projects in PCS Interview

Claribel Laureano is definitely someone to follow if you’re looking for fitness inspiration. The emerging model and fitness enthusiast is the latest individual to talk with me on behalf of Pop Culture Spin. Read my interview with Claribel below, and once you’re done, check her out on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Claribel, thank you for taking out some time to talk with my website. To begin, what originally made you want to be a model?
Claribel: I knew I had the look but never the confidence in the beginning. I learned to love who I was and now who I am, I was always fascinated and into the beauty industry that I studied to become a cosmetologist and finish. When I was younger I was shy and timid, so I know what it feels like to be in the background so I took whatever made the person who they were physically and enhanced it to build that confidence… I never want to take away from people but help them build a high self-esteem, everyone is beautiful in their own way. Beauty is found in each and every one of us in a unique pattern.

PCS: How long have you been modeling and what about this profession have you enjoyed the most so far?
Claribel: I’ve been modeling now for about 2 years. I love the fact that I can connect with people, and they look at me as a role model, you learn so much in the sense of the saying is true when they say “a picture has a million words.”

PCS: Where are you from and how would you describe your life growing up?
Claribel: I am originally from Carolina, Puerto Rico. My life as a child was a little hard in the beginning because at one point my mother became my mom and dad for my sister Frances and I till we moved to the United states but we both were happy kids. Growing up my grandmother took primary watch of us because my mom was working so much but she did the best she could and I saw her effort and of course her love. I honestly can say I can’t complain because yes we had very little but we received something bigger – attention, care and we always had fun doing anything.

PCS: Did modeling and the world of beauty appeal to you ever since you were younger or did they become points of interest later in life?
Claribel: No no no it was definitely my passion from the time I can remember my mom putting make-up on when I was about 4. I remember taking her foundation sponge and putting it on my face and my sister and I taking her heels. She would be furious but I just didn’t care even the time I painted my nails for the first time, lol and I also cut my own hair when I was in about the 3rd grade but it’s just been something that runs inside my blood.

PCS: It seems that fitness is a major passion of yours. Do you work out basically every day or do you find time for days off and break periods?
Claribel: Yes I work out everyday Monday, Thursday and Saturday and I do 2 hours. Sunday, Tues, Weds, and Friday I do 1 hour. I don’t really have to work that much because this phentrimine d helps me maintain my shape. Working out for me is like my me time, I do not see it as an obstacle. I see it as time that gets me more beautiful, it’s like going to the spa for me I release any type of negative emotions, it also keeps me disciplined. This gym freak I am was created by my mom she is a personal trainer. She helped me learn about the gym I was actually never interested till I went through a dark place in my life and this gave me light, it was there for me when nothing was so therefore I can’t give it up like that.

PCS: What advice can you give to those looking to get on an exercise plan but having trouble?
Claribel: It’s all a mind game… your body is built into two sections, the positive and the negative, the positive is the one that planted the seed of you even thinking about an exercise plan and the negative is the part where you’re having trouble adapting to the new change in your body. You have to remember change is always good and everyone should always want change it’s what makes the world go round, it’s how we even have this technology. You have to stay positive, good always wins! Find a gym partner if you do not want to pay for a trainer and learn to be strict on yourself. Have self control and always stay disciplined with your goals… it’s who and what makes you.

PCS: I know you’ve had some projects with Mike “Ohrangu” Tang who is amazing. What was it like working with him?
Claribel: Omg!!! Mike and Cristina are “un amor de la vida!!!!” They are a very special couple to me the most humble and loving human beings you will ever come across. In the beginning I was scared and I saw their behind the scenes and it was a little intimidating seeing him and knowing that he was going to take my pictures because of his image and her image but it is completely different from what you see and what you experience, that’s why in the beginning I said a picture has a thousand words because you will never know. We are built in the impression of judging and looking and feeling not intentionally, but in reality we as human beings have to put aside our feelings and get to know the person of who they truly are what they’re really like and I feel as if that’s what any person should be judging off and that was my mistake to begin with just judging and not really knowing.

PCS: Are there any other photographers/creative professionals you’re hoping to collaborate with in the future?
Claribel: Honestly I’m excited for any project that comes my way. I’m not very picky as long as they’re professional but I am looking to work in the Spanish culture because I come from Puerto Rico. I know that they usually do more of Spanish music videos so hopefully I can start working on that end of the industry.

PCS: Outside of modeling, what activities/interests do you spend your free time doing?
Claribel: I love the gym, house decorating interiors, fitness fairs, south beach, eating sushi, trying to cook new foods with my little sister Sabina. And just really spending time with my family.

PCS: Are there any exciting projects you have lined up for 2016 or should followers of yours just wait and see?
Claribel: Yes I’m working with an exciting company which is going to launch around May/June, Prime Athletica. I just got sponsored by them and I am doing my first fitness shoot, so yes it’s an exciting moment in my career. I’m also working for little company’s like AMP Fitness, Boohoo Suits, Iconic Models and shoots with ohrangutang.

PCS: I’ve appreciated your time, thank you again for the interview. Before we finish, where can those interested connect with you online?

Instagram: laureano_beauty

Email: [email protected]

Prime Atheletica: Sheyla or William

I reply to all inquires.

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