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SG Is My Hero Podcast Ep.1: Beyonce and Lemonade

Name. Jesse Sinned. Purpose. Podcast about the latest pop culture happenings in short audio form. Status. Awesome. Rated: R, motherf***ers because of profanity.


In this premiere episode of Spalding Gray is My Hero (after recording, I figured out this would be the name of the podcast), I talk about Beyoncé and her latest album release, Lemonade. Yes, I’ve joined the collective and speaking on B’s latest and how it touches on Jay-Z and his alleged cheating with other chicks. Is it okay to do that if you’re Jay-Z? Give this podcast a listen where I will convince you that my point of view is the correct one to have. Although, those in the Bee Hive may be perturbed at me after listening. Ooooh, who knew that controversy sells?


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