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Quinten Barnard Joins Pop Culture Spin For Interview on Modeling Career

Quinten Barnard, a model and actor with a heavy interest in fitness, recently took out some time to have an interview with me on behalf of Pop Culture Spin. Topics we discussed ranged from his background, the type of projects he works on, personal interests, and more. Check out my Q&A with Quinten below and be sure to check him out on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Quinten, thank you for having this Q&A with my website. To begin, where are you based at the moment and what’s the creative environment like there?
Quinten: No problem, thank you. NYC at this very moment which is fast paced, an inspiring city. Great time for me to be experiencing this.

PCS: How long have you been in the modeling line of work and what aspects of this profession do you enjoy the most?
Quinten: It’s been well over 7 years now. & that’s a tough question I enjoy it all haha

PCS: Was modeling something that you always strived to do or did it more so happen on its own?
Quinten: Seems like a mixture of both aspects I started on my own but got discovered two years later. That’s how I knew it was something for me to invest time in.

PCS: It seems that you bring a versatile dynamic to photo shoots – some of your work appears sophisticated, while other projects are more fitness oriented. How would you describe your overall style/individuality as a model?
Quinten: I have a unique feel to all my work and my personality brings out something you can’t explain I guess I was born with it.

PCS: What’s your mindset/preparation like the night before or day of a photo shoot – any special routines or habits that you have to prepare yourself?
Quinten: I used to, not anymore. The less you focus about the upcoming project it keeps a natural feeling. I don’t prepare besides a good night sleep.

PCS: Your IG page also mentions that you’re an actor. Do you have any specific goals or hopes related to acting?
Quinten: I started doing TV can’t speak so fast about the projects. But stay tuned I will announce more through my social media.

PCS: Stepping in front of the camera, be it for a photo or an acting project, must take confidence. Have you always been comfortable being a point of attention or did this develop with experience?
Quinten: Great question, self taught and a bit of practice along the way from others in the same field.

PCS: I mentioned fitness earlier, and anyone who follows you knows that you’re a regular in the gym. What are your personal keys for staying fit and maintaining your body?
Quinten: I live for cardio, biking, running, swimming, anything to get me moving & light weight training for muscle definition and a complete diet of greens, veggies & fish.

PCS: Aside from modeling, acting, and hitting up the gym, what other passions or interests are important to you?
Quinten: I love great soul music and history. And all aspects of cinema.

PCS: Is there anything exciting on the way here in 2016 that you would like people to know about?
Quinten: Yes new modeling projects and TV projects. I’m truly blessed to be able to have my platform.

PCS: Thank you again for your time on this interview, I hope your experience with us at Pop Culture Spin has been a great one. In closing, where can readers find you on social media?
Quinten: Again the pleasure was all mine, I enjoyed the convo. My Instagram is where all awareness happens @QuintenBarnard. Thanks again on the interview.

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