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A Breakdown of the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Trailer and What It Means

Stop what you’re doing, pour yourself a cup of coffee, call the five nearest delivery places, and break out the dessert sushi, because this announcement can only be celebrated in one way. After months of speculation and gossip, Netflix has finally revealed the release date for the Gilmore Girls revival – November 25. It’s ok, go ahead and cry those happy tears, I’m right there with you.

I, like many others, have spent the past year binge watching Gilmore Girls in preparation for the new show. After months of stalking set photos and tweets from the cast we finally have something big: a TEASER TRAILER. The trailer, and our fight to have November 25 turned into a national holiday, should be more than enough to hold us over until then.

And since I’m basically the Lorelai of overthinking things (or shall we just say, the Lorelai) I’ll be breaking down every second of the trailer to get some clues as to what the four-episode Gilmore Girls special will have in store for us.

0:00 – 0:05 The first sighting of a Stars Hollow sign in nine years. Also, SNOW. We all know magical things happen in Stars Hollow when it snows. Rory and Lorelai make up in the snow, Luke builds Lorelai an ice skating rink, and the new Gilmore Girls special gets a premiere date.

0:06 – 0:09 When was the last time you heard those familiar “la’s”? Probably yesterday, but these are new “la’s” and they mark a new era of Friday night dinners.

0:10 – 0:13 Luke’s Diner. The Dragonfly Inn. Do the cuts from one to the other possibly mean something more than the fact that they’ll be sets in the new show? Like perhaps that the owners of the two are as close as the frames that were edited together?

0:14 – 0:17 There’s the gazebo. And if you look very closely it looks like a certain Korean super-mom walking out of it (and I don’t mean Mrs. Kim). The prodigal best friend returns!

0:18 – 0:21 Doose’s Market. Another quick cut, but once again if you look closely there appears to be a very tall person bagging groceries right inside of the door. Could it be the most handsome Doose’s employee in all of Stars Hollow? (#teamdean)

0:22 – 0:24 The house looks exactly the same, except for the addition of some lovely new plants. This could only be the work of a handsome handyman/diner owner, since we all know that Lorelai would never do yard work ever again after the bulb-planting incident.

0:25 – 0:26 IT’S THEM, THE GILMORE GIRLS. I AM CRYING ACTUAL TEARS. How is it after all these years Lorelai looks exactly the same? Is eating junk food and avoiding exercise actually the secret to never aging?

0:27 – 0:41 “Do you think Amy Schumer would like me?” It’s as if they’re right where we left them, at the kitchen table, eating Pop-Tarts and talking about celebrities. Also, as you can see, there are newspapers as well as Rory’s smart phone lying on the table. This means that Lorelai and Rory have finally moved into the new world of technology (despite Lorelai’s previous misgivings with DSL), but have still stayed true to their tradition of reading newspapers and engaging in playful banter. On a deeper level it also means that Amy Sherman-Palladino will be updating our favorite show to have modern day gadgets and references, but be sticking to the heart of the show: the relationship between mother and daughter.

0:42 – 0:50 Rory reaches for her phone to look up a corpse flower, which is very me because I too like being right and learning new things. Lorelai says, “this is not a teachable moment” which begs the question: has Rory ditched the campaign trail for a life as a teacher? If so, she will definitely be the female Mr. Medina.

0:51 – 1:07 At this point both Rory and Lorelai’s hands have been visible, whereas a ring on either one’s left hand has not. Amy Sherman-Palladino already announced that Rory would be starting off the show single (though not necessarily ending it that way) so this is no surprise in that regard. The bigger issue lies with Lorelai. Lorelai ended the seventh season by getting back together with Luke. ASP has said that she will not be ignoring the events of the seventh season, despite it not being her vision. So the ringless situation means one of two things: Luke and Lorelai broke up again (ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE) or they decided to not get married, which if you think about it kind of makes sense. Both Luke and Lorelai have had some doubts about marriage in the past, so maybe they just decided marriage wasn’t for them; that doesn’t mean that they’re not still together.

1:08 – 1:14 “Where you lead…” You may not be able to get quips out as fast as Rory or Lorelai, but one thing you can do is finish this sentence, even if your brain has wandered into “monkey, monkey underpants” territory.

1:15 – 1:17 There’s one more celebrity reference for good measure, followed by a classic Rory look of disapproval. Also, this is the perfect angle to look back into what used to be Rory’s room, which mysteriously looks exactly the same, and not like Paul Anka’s new personal boudoir. I swear to god if Paul Anka the dog is dead my wrath will make Paris look like Mother Teresa.

1:18 – 1:21 November 25. It will live in our history books as the day nobody got anything done. It’ll be like Christmas in November, and it will snow everywhere for this one day, even in Florida, because that’s how Lorelai would want it.

1:22 – 1:24 A last glimpse of our favorite java junkies, and it’s over, not with four words but with one. Time to watch it again.

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