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A Quick Look at Comic Books Rise and Fall in Movies and Gaming


The latest comic book film, Suicide Squad, was released into cinemas earlier this month, and it is already making waves and dividing opinions among its comic book fans. Dealing with a star-studded cast playing super villains forced to be superheroes, and being released into the cinematic DC Universe – it had a lot to live up to. On the August 8th, Gizmodo Australia reported that the film had broken records in America and Australia, but is also said to be “a very bad movie.” Suicide Squad had issues with some parts of the story plot, and includes more humor than other superhero films, so it seems that the talented cast were not able to do themselves justice, due to the plot and a script with few memorable lines. Suicide Squad is a film with a lot of potential, that unfortunately didn’t deliver. Despite any negative reviews, Margaret Robbie (who plays Harley Quinn) believes that there is potential for a film focusing on her character and the Joker, played by Jared Leto. She thinks the story of the comic book couple can be explored further and is pushing for another movie.


There has been at least one positively-reviewed edgy comic book film released in recent months. Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, was released in February and set its own records in the cinema and was received very well by media critics. Although it is not a particularly family-friendly film, it was absolutely hilarious and drew crowds to the movies and scored high scores in online film polls. Featuring the anti-hero of the same name as the title, the film is fast-paced and clever whilst remaining witty and surprising. Could Deadpool have set a high bar for a comic book film that basically went against the establishment with profanity, sexual innuendo, and an overall jocularity, which Suicide Squad seemed to be going for?


It’s Not Just Movies

There have been a number of games based on comic books released in various forms. The Terminator comics (mainly in circulation in the 1990s) have inspired online games. Fans of the comic, or films, can enjoy top online gambling at Red Flush Casino. The Casino has created a game that is easy to access, with the added thrill of placing a wager, which players are unable to do with normal consoles. The Walking Dead comics, first published in 2003, has turned into a huge franchise with television adaptations and a series of games (they became available in 2012). Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), is a Mortal Kombat style game, but allows players to interact more than ever before, using their favorite comic book and film characters.

Evolution in Gaming

Media and games based on comic books has greatly increased as fans enjoy every release and development. Through the online gaming and casino industry, using secure websites like Red Flush, fans can indulge in games based on their favorite series whilst placing bets; the combination of the two interests is a great development for the industry, especially when the websites are secure and promote responsible gaming. Another connection is set to be made, between the normal video game and virtual reality technology. Headsets are already available for players and games can be played through the headsets already – with advances imminent. Perhaps there will be a Suicide Squad game available in the future, one compatible with VR headsets.

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