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The Flash Season 3 Review: 3.20: I Know Who You Are

Well, after watching The Flash season 3 I feel like this season was not worth my time. The episode opened with a tease of Barry Allen telling Savitar that he knows who he is. As usual, this show fails to understand suspense. They’ve been teasing the question of who Savitar is for weeks without giving us a compelling reason to care. Now they’ve finally answered that question and it’s terrible.

Part of me expected that Savitar would turn out to be Barry, but I was holding onto hope The Flash season 3 would be better than that. Among all the issues this presents for Barry’s character, are they ever going to explain why the hell Killer Frost would immediately align with him? Honestly, Caitlin Snow’s liberation was so satisfying to watch, the last thing I wanted was for her to immediately start taking orders from any version of Barry.

Unsurprisingly, Cisco Ramon was by far the best part of a weak episode. His emotional struggle now that Caitlin has turned into Killer Frost felt genuine in a way that most of the episode didn’t.

Another aspect of “I Know Who You Are” that was actually compelling was the character of Tracy Brand. The idea of having your thesis rejected, then immediately finding out you have to turn your research around because there are lives at stake is very emotionally interesting. I didn’t like the way they tacked on HR Wells’ crush on her. But, the scene where Cisco was trying to Cyrano De Bergerac him as he spoke to Tracy was fun.

In another subplot, Joe West struggled with whether or not to tell Cecile Horton everything that’s going on in his life. Just like Patty Spivot, this is a woman who’s involved in law enforcement and well-aware of the perils of Central City. So, it was annoying to see yet another female character kept in the dark for her protection. Fortunately, Joe came around in the end.

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