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iZombie Season 3 Review: 3.5: Spanking the Zombie

On this week’s episode of iZombie season 3, Liv Moore was on dominatrix brains. That alone would’ve been enough for me to heartily endorse this episode. As a side bonus, this premise provided us with Ravi Chakrabarti expressing interest in being choked by a whip and Clive Babineaux being adorably vanilla all episode.

Aside from all of that fun, this episode had an emotionally heart-wrenching final act. Of course, we all knew that eventually Major Lilywhite would need to take the cure. But, the execution of his final moments with Liv was absolutely perfect. Their sweet, romantic exchange was a reminder of what a great pairing this is. It’s a rare gift to see a central couple with such genuine love. The moment when they had sex was so beautiful and emotional that I’m not even complaining about them cutting away before we got to find out if Liv’s dominatrix brains factored in.

While a memory loss storyline could be interesting, I’m holding out hope that Major won’t experience amnesia. This would not only allow the Liv/Major relationship to continue progressing, but would also expose Blaine DeBeers as a fraud and hopefully wrap up his plotline. Or, at least, the party of his plotline where we’re asked to sympathize with him.

This episode also continued ramping up the potential conflict of zombie haters. In a perfectly executed, tense scene, Vivian Stoll spoke to someone who wants to wipe out all zombies. Of course, he had no idea he was speaking to a zombie, but he did know far too much.

What other amazing things did this episode have? Ken Marino as a kinky sub and absolutely no Blaine scenes. Did the writers read my dream journal? As always, because a Party Down alum guest starred, I have to throw in a mention of how anxiously I’m awaiting a Martin Starr guest appearance.

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