Madden 18 Career Mode and What Needs to be Done

Image courtesy of EA Sports/NFL.

Image courtesy of EA Sports/NFL.

Madden 18 has the potential to be a great game. I’ve said this before in my previous article. Yet, the most important part of this next game is the Career Mode. With the Frostbite Engine EA has unlimited potential. You’ve seen it with FIFA’s Career Mode and Journey Mode. We haven’t seen anything like this in Madden, yet we’ve wanted to see it come full circle for quite some time.

The possibility of doing more than just playing games, setting records, and reaching the hall is appealing. There are many ways they can convey a story and we’ve seen the ways NBA 2K17 has used this with the undrafted story then the college and high school games. Obviously, we can’t go down the college route because of the hot water they’d be in with the NCAA. But an easy way they can do this is by letting us control our own destiny. You could bring back the combine and you could play that and get judged by that. You could also play the senior game or a college All-Star Game. Those things can provide the Pre-Draft aura.

During the draft there should be a cut-scene where we walk onto the stage and receive our cap and jersey. Then we go meet the coaches and team and have at the least one guy on the team who is leading us through our journey in the NFL. He can lead you through tutorials and become a mentor of sorts. You also can have say someone who was drafted with you who is more of a party animal, or horrible human being. This person can try to lead you into bad things throughout the mode so that you have experiences off the field, both bad and good.

Having these off-field experiences is the biggest key to this mode. The gameplay will be fine but if you don’t have a detailed story to add then your mode will crumble. Another thing is that this can’t just fall off after the first season. It should be a consistent, annual aspect.

Just think how cool it would be to go No. 1 to the Browns and have a guy like Joe Thomas or Joe Haden lead you through your quest to win rings and enter the Hall while trying to avoid Johnny Jack-around messing your life up with parties or some dumb stuff like that. You should feel immersed and if that actually happens, then this could be one of the best debuts for a mode in a sports game ever. Please EA don’t screw this up I’m excited for this mode.

I can think of it now, Dylan Hamann #17 leading the Patriots to five more rings. If you have any suggestions, leave them below!

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