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iZombie Season 3 Review: 3.11: Conspiracy Weary

This week iZombie season 3 hit it out of the park with another great episode. Early on, a confrontation between the zombie army and the truthers left Harley Johns’ brother dead. Liv Moore, Blaine DeBeers and Don E. all took the opportunity to eat his brains. The three of them all being on the same brains led to some great bits. It was hilarious when Ravi Chakrabarti walked in on their meal and immediately backed out of the room.

The scenes of Liv, Blaine and Don E. discussing conspiracy theories while having simultaneous visions were fun. But, what really made this episode great were all the twists and turns. The sequence where Liv has a vision proving that Harley didn’t kill Wally, Clive Babineaux shoots Harley, then Harley is revealed to be a zombie in rapid succession was thrilling and perfectly executed. The final moment in which Ravi sees a newspaper with “Zombies Are Real” as the front page headline was a great ending.

This episode also gave us Peyton Charles at her absolute best. It took three seasons, but she’s finally really active as a D.A. Her scenes with Weckler’s daughter Tatum were great. The hints we’re getting about the larger mystery are all very exciting. It’s refreshing to see a drama this well-plotted.

Meanwhile, Major Lilywhite discovered that Shawna was constantly posting about him on her Tumblr. They didn’t actually use the phrase “serial killer fandom” but it seems reasonable to assume that’s her deal. Since Shawna was suspicious as hell from the get go, this plot wasn’t too dramatic. In fact, it was weird Major reacted as strongly as he did considering he’d witnessed her posting photos of them to Tumblr before. But, the conclusion where he realizes that his zombie military buddies give him a refuge from people’s expectations for him was nice.

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