Gotham Season 4 Review: 4.3: A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks

This week’s Gotham season 4 hit it out of the park. Myrtle Jenkins (guest star Ilana Becker) is my new favorite one-episode character. In all my speculation about who would unfreeze Ed, I never imagined anything as great as this plot. Myrtle, a Riddler-obsessed woman, unfroze Ed Nygma and nursed him back to health. It was the little details that made this character so great. She made Ed soup with little question mark-shaped noodles in it. At one point, Myrtle mentioned riddles and Ed immediately made a gasping orgasm sound. This was great stuff.

Eventually, Myrtle stumped Ed with riddles out of a book called “Riddles for Children.” Ed was horrified to realize he’d lost his mental capacities and took it out on Myrtle, who he hit over the head with the book. Ed knocking her out, then hurriedly flipping through the book to find out the answer to a basic riddle is one of the all-time great Gotham act endings. I’m hear for the new Ed, who just hits people with heavy objects.

Meanwhile, Jim Gordon left Gotham to seek help from Carmine Falcone in taking down Oswald Cobblepot. Carmine turned him down, but his daughter Sofia Falcone aligned herself with Jim. Sofia seems great and Crystal Reed’s performance is fantastic. However, as a long-suffering Oswald/Ed shipper, it’s frustrating that Jim and Sofia kissed immediately upon meeting each other. Between that and Barbara Kean and Ra’s al Ghul immediately being revealed to be together, the hypocrisy in how male/female relationships are written was very obvious in this episode.

In another plotline, Bruce Wayne tried to keep Ra’s from obtaining a knife he seemed desperate to get his hands on. With help from Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce learned to put on the persona of a spoiled, careless billionaire. This was a really fun development and allowed for a great performance from David Mazouz.

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