Supergirl Season 3 Premiere Review: 3.1: Girl of Steel

The Supergirl season 3 premiere showed Kara Danvers in a crisis after Mon-El left. This was a big problem for viewers like myself who have trouble buying her being this devastated by Mon-El. When will he stop dragging her character down?

The episode was incredibly frustrating. I had trouble believe Kara’s full-blown crisis mode over this of all things. But, I also didn’t appreciate her friends and family being so angry that she wasn’t 100% chipper all the time. Kara deserves to change and experience ups and downs without those closest to her claiming that she’s not herself anymore. Alex Danvers’ speech about Kara being her favorite person was touching, but prior to that she came off pretty insensitive.

The whole episode felt sloppy and a bit forced. At one point, James Olsen reprimanded Kara because she didn’t turn in her one assignment, an interview with Supergirl. In a fit of frustration, Kara quit. This type of scene demonstrates the hole the Supergirl writers dug themselves into by making journalism far too easy for Kara. Her having a full-time, salaried position where she only has to write one simple article with a generous deadline works when the show is being light and fun. But, the second they want to use her job for conflict it becomes incredibly distracting. If they want to show Kara balancing being Supergirl with being a regular person, I wish they’d at least touch on the concept of needing money to live.

Lena Luthor provided the most coherent storyline in the episode. When new villain Morgan Edge attempted to purchase CatCo, she bought it herself. This was a tight subplot that worked well, although the idea that Lena would need the assistance of Kara rather than, say James Olsen, to help her run the business was pretty ridiculous.

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