Marvel’s Inhumans Season 1 Review: 1.6: The Gentleman’s Name is Gorgon

Marvel’s Inhumans season 1 is nearing its end and a couple scenes this episode actually had a bit of tension and conflict. But, Inhumans is still spending a lot of screentime in perplexing ways. There are unimportant plots that don’t add anything like Crystal’s cliche romance with the surfer. There are needless flashbacks. The show also repeats the same exposition constantly.

This episode benefited from far more active scenes than previous episodes. The sequence of Gorgon and Karnak rescuing hostages was genuinely compelling. Mordis is a genuinely compelling character who definitely stole his scene.

In addition to the Mordis scene, I also enjoyed the flashback to Gorgon training Maximus. It didn’t add to the story, but as a scene in and of itself it was enjoyable. This made me wonder if this show chose the wrong part of the story to focus on. It could have portrayed the story of the royal family up to Maximus’ breaking point when he started his rebellion, rather than using this as its starting point.

The main problem with Inhumans continues to be the question of what we’re rooting for. One big reason for this is that not enough of the characters have tangible goals. Maximus wants to re-do his Terrigenesis, but too often he’s on the defensive maintaining the status quo rather than pursuing that. The Inhumans on Earth don’t really have a specific plan.

Then there’s the larger question of why we should root for these characters when they do have a goal. No one from the royal family has presented a good argument for why their rule would be good for anyone. Nor have they decided to change their ways and promised to be better if they are returned to power.

Because it’s hard to figure out why we should be invested, this show feels more like a series of events then an actual story. The sloppy, repetitive nature of the storytelling compounds this.

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