Marvel’s Inhumans Season 1 Review: 1.5: Something Inhuman This Way Comes

This week’s episode of Marvel’s Inhumans made slight progress by bringing most of the main characters together. I’m glad they gave Medusa, Black Bolt, Karnak and Gorgon a chance to interact and plan their next move together. This made the story feel like it has at least a bit of momentum.

I’m hoping that next we’ll get some in-person interaction for Maximus. He currently spends entire episodes walking around an empty room and talking on speaker phone. Getting Maximus and Dr. Evan Declan in the same room, working together or against each other, is this show’s best shot at having an interesting plotline. It could at least lead to an interesting scene. After all, these are the two characters played by decent actors. Plus, Maximus is the one character who actively pursues any goals.

Although it only has 3 episodes left, Inhumans still feels like the story hasn’t really started. Inhumans still spends an extraordinary amount of screentime on exposition and re-hashing things we already knew. This week gave us full flashbacks simply to establish that Karnak is more careful about things, while Gorgon is more reckless. In a particularly clunky scene, all the characters went over the fact that Medusa and Crystal’s parents were rebels. This gave Louise a chance to flatly point out that this seems ironic.

While the actual plot idled, this episode spent a lot of time on bland romances. Karnak and Crystal’s relationships both follow the same uninteresting formula: a human is immediately DTF and delivers predictable lines about how fun and spontaneous humans are. The scene in which a man explained to Crystal that she needs to learn to “hang loose” felt like a Disney Channel Original Movie but without the charm. By the time the episode teased a relationship between Gorgon and Louise, I already felt exhausted.

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