Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Review: 8.3: The Wolf of Wharf Street

The Halloween episodes of Bob’s Burgers tend to be some of the show’s best. “The Wolf of Wharf Street” wasn’t as outstanding an episode as “Tina and the Real Ghost” or “Full Bars.” I wish at least one or two of the plot turns had felt more satisfying. But, it was still a very fun episode.

This installment didn’t have as many great costumes as I like in a Halloween episodes. But, it did have Linda Belcher’s amazing Cher-iff (Cher/sheriff hybrid) costume. Plus, Louise Belcher dressed as Anton Chigurth, complete with a wig which she cut holes into for her rabbit ears. Plus, Teddy was in a sexy nurse outfit.

The strongest plot was about Bob Belcher experiencing paranoia as a side effect of pain meds. He became convinced that Teddy is a werewolf. Teddy is always great in plots like this because without any mind-altering drugs, he’s already likely to end up in the weirdest situations. So, stuff like Teddy chasing Bob through the city while handcuffed to a table felt like a completely believable escalation. I wish the writers plotted out Bob’s descend into fully believing that Teddy is a werewolf a little better.

Meanwhile, Linda was determined to prove she could be a fun mom. So, she took the kids into the woods despite warnings of a wolf. This plot felt a little thin. Several times the characters drew attention to the fact that their actions and goals didn’t really make sense. It did get a little more fun towards the end when Paul F. Tompkins’ Randy showed up.

The end reveal that both an alpaca and a wolf were on the loose because of the Fischoeders fell flat. It was a little unclear why any of this was supposed to be surprising. But, Bob insisting that he saw a wolf while no one believed him was fun.

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