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Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Review: 8.8: V for Valentine-detta

Bob’s Burgers season 8 returned this week with a Valentine’s Day episode. I’m on the record as believing Bob Belcher and Linda Belcher are the best couple on TV. But, I was more than happy with this episode’s decision to focus on the love between family members.

In this week’s episode, Tina Belcher was devastated after Jimmy Jr. asked a girl named Becky to be his Valentine’s Day date. So, she was practically catatonic. The incredible, striking thing about Bob’s Burgers is the way that Bob and Linda respond to their children’s pain. They don’t get angry at them for being difficult. There was no mention in this episode of Tina’s reaction being a silly teenage girl thing. Instead, Linda leaps into action with a plan to cheer up Tina up with a girls’ night.

Guest star Jillian Bell was wonderful as the limo driver Nat. Louise Belcher’s instant affection for Nat was a great runner. Nat encouraged the group to really get into the girl power spirit— with a plan to get revenge on Jimmy Jr. and Becky.

But, Tina ended up realizing that there was no reason that she should be angry at Becky. They both turned their anger to Jimmy Jr. who is a real flop of a boy. In the end, Tina explained that you should spend Valentine’s Day with the people who really love you like your mom, sister, a limo driver and a girl from school who you don’t know very well. It was genuinely heart-warming and empowering in all its silliness. Writers Lizzie Molyneux and Wendy Molyneux have a rare gift to capture all the angst of being a teen girl with empathy and optimism.

In the subplot, Bob Belcher and Gene Belcher went to a trapeze class. The plot was definitely outshined by the main plot, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. The ending in which they agreed that they felt pumped up and like they “could do anything” then immediately decided to go home and watch TV was perfect.

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