Best Buy Pulling CDs From Shelves: Vinyl is Thriving While CDs are Dying

Image courtesy of Best Buy.

Image courtesy of Best Buy.

Another nail in the coffin of of a once beloved format, as Best Buy will stop selling CDs this summer altogether, while Target looks to take the financial burden off of its books to continue to stock them. While this may seem like dark times to a CD lover, now is likely the time stock up as huge discounts look to be in the near future with chains want ting to move remaining stock.

Best Buy has just told music suppliers that it will pull CDs from its stores come July 1. At one point, Best Buy was the most powerful music merchandiser in the U.S., but nowadays it’s a shadow of its former self, with a reduced and shoddy offering of CDs. Sources suggest that the company’s CD business is nowadays only generating about $40 million annually. While it says it’s planning to pull out CDs, Best Buy will continue to carry vinyl for the next two years, keeping a commitment it made to vendors. The vinyl will now be merchandised with the turntables, sources suggest.

Meanwhile, sources say that Target has demanded to music suppliers that it wants to be sold on what amounts to a consignment basis. Currently, Target takes the inventory risk by agreeing to pay for any goods it is shipped within 60 days, and must pay to ship back unsold CDs for credit. With consignment, the inventory risk shifts back to the labels.



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