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Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Review: 9.5: Live and Let Fly

This week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers season 9 was a satisfying episode where everything tied together. Bob Belcher got caught up in a paper airplane contest to win a free washing machine, meanwhile the kids sought revenge on Mr. Frond after he leaked an embarrassing video of them rapping about empathy.

The kids’ revenge scheme required an airplane to fly a banner, which brought them to Kurt Enerny, voiced by Will Forte. Kurt is a returning character originally seen in “Seaplane!” Bringing him back worked well. The character showed a lot more depth in this episode, but still hard some fun lines references his womanizing.

It was great that the plot with the kids brought them to the same flying convention that Bob and Linda Belcher were making paper airplanes for. Then, when Mr. Frond’s lessons about empathy actually helped them get Kurt to repair his relationship with his sister, the kids decided he didn’t deserve their vengeance after all. This turn wasn’t as emotional as I would’ve liked. The relationship between Louise Belcher and Mr. Frond is a good one that can sometimes resonate hard.

The kids coming around to Mr. Frond was fairly shallow. But, it was cool that saving Mr. Frond from embarrassment required Kurt to pull off the very same flying trick that the kids had helped him train for.

This episode relied on the usual Bob’s Burgers formulas. Bob got completely caught up in something quirky. Unfortunately, without the usual reluctance that makes Bob endearing. Meanwhile, the kids agreed to help an oddball stranger. There was a nod to how much of a go-to this situation was when Kurt said, “Look at you all, agreeing before you know any of the weird details.” Gene Belcher replied, “It’s the Belcher way!”

While the stories were pretty typical for this show, the tight writing made this a very enjoyable episode. Each turn worked organically and was a fun development.

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