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Panini/Ja Morant Exclusive Deal Part 1: Jason Howarth Interview

Courtesy of Ja Morant/Panini America.

Panini America, the official trading card partner of the NBA and NBPA, has just announced an extension of its partnership with Memphis Grizzlies star point guard Ja Morant that will keep his highly desirable autographed memorabilia exclusively available through Panini. To coincide with the announcement, Panini, along with their Vice President of Marketing, Jason Howarth, commissioned local artist Jamond Bullock (@alivepaint) to paint and unveil a mural of Morant on a Panini “Color Blast” trading card in downtown Memphis.

In this interview I talk with the aforementioned Vice President of Marketing at Panini, Jason Howarth. We discuss quite a few topics that are captivating and relevant to the extension of Morant and his partnership with Panini. How does Morant fit into Panini’s future vision? How does the mural impact locals? What’s the state of the card industry? Jason and I discuss that and more in the interview below.


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1 Comment

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