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Justin Bieber, Cash Money Records’ Jacquees debut Clear Weather Season 6 Collection


Leave it to the Biebs to be a trendsetter.

Justin Bieber, you know, the megastar singer/songwriter, along with Cash Money Records’ up-and-coming R&B singer Jacquees, recently debuts new footwear from the Clear Weather Season 6 Collection. Inspired by Native footwear of North America, the Season 6 footwear, namely the Lakota (shown below and worn by Jacquees), combines historical elements of moccasins with lifestyle sneakers for a fresh look on the casual side of kicks. Jacquees (who just did a mixtape with Birdman, Lost at Sea) posted a few snaps via Instagram in Miami sporting their new capsule collection.

See him and the Biebs in Season 6 by Clear Weather below, courtesy of our partners and friends at Clear Weather:

1 2 lakota_woven-brown_capsule

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